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  • Your partner for cross-machine software
    We envision that your heterogeneous production can be equipped with
    our homogeneous level-spanning user interface. To realize this vision,
    we have developed a platform-independent and highly adaptive software,
    which can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific machines.
  • A homogeneous software for
    a manual aggregration station.
    In cooperation with our partner ISW GmbH
    facilityboss presents SMAT.

    Equipped with facilitybossPLS the SMAT combines
    aggregation functionalities across 3 levels on a
    single manual workstation.

    Serialized units can be efficiently aggregated here
    all the way up to the pallet level.
  • A homogeneous software for a
    fully automatic serialization
    In cooperation with pester pac automation and using
    the products facilitybossPLS and facilitybossMLC, the
    transformability and adaptability of our software is
    used for serialization and aggregation processes.

    High-quality mechanical engineering, homogeneous
    interfaces and expandable modules allow flexibility
    across multiple aggregration levels.