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Implemented Solutions

In cooperation with our partner pester pac automation GmbH we can showcase solutions which are all equipped with facilitybossPLS, the versatile and highly adaptive software for production machines from facilityboss

The exact modeling of the machine process by our software enables the support of the machine's zone model. Units removed by hand can be specifically deleted in the virtual model. Thus, the entire machine/line does not have to be emptied at every stop in order to have a defined state at start.

Depending on the machine's field of application and the characteristics of the products to be manufactured, tried-and-tested modules can be supplemented and customer-specific modules can be developed. The potential of your production will be optimally explored through the combination of high-quality mechanical engineering and a homogeneous user interface with the highest level of user-friendliness.

The following solutions demonstrate the flexibility and adaptability of our serialization and aggregation software integrated into a full aggregation line orchestrated by a line computer equipped with facilitybossMLC. Click on the following links for more info on how bundlers, casepackers and palletizers can be coordinated with our product.