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facilitybossHSP (Track'n'Trace)

facilitybossHSP (High Speed Printing) is facilityboss' high-end product for your high-speed printing operations.

Successfully expanding on facilitybossPLS, facilitybossHSP has been designed for speed and parallel operation of multiple printers. Unchanged, however, is that the user interface (HMI) is designed to be both straightforward and intuitive employing a modular design approach to efficiently accommodate new customer requests or changes to customize the product.

Furthermore, facilitybossHSP has additional modules that on request provide interfaces for creating, managing and adjusting facility settings.

facilitybossHSP is used in various print companies that have to apply variable data in addition to the printing template, such as:

  • Batch, expiration date, manufacturing date and/or
  • Codes for promotions, sweepstakes, raffles, customer loyalty programs

Software by facilityboss offers you various options for purchase depending on the configuration:

  • Local management of orders (creation, modification and deletion of orders)
  • Creation, management and adjustment of machine configurations
  • Audit Trail (21 CFR Part 11)
  • Setup (adjusting variable parameters (e.g.: belt speed)
  • Number Pool Managment (import numbers and export serialized or aggregated data)
  • Managing printer labels and camera scenes
  • Monitoring and control of production, among others live image

facilitybossHSP is being continuously improved with new modules.