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facilitybossMLC (Master Line Controller) is the Level 2 product from facilityboss for coordinating your line. The application is started as a service and distributes the production orders to the corresponding machines in the line. In addition, facilitybossMLC coordinates the line during production. Production data, such as serial number status or aggregation information, is reported live during production from facilitybossPLS on the machines to facilitybossMLC so that the status of the entire line is consistent and remains so throughout production.

If a central overview of the production counters or a central rework station for the line is desired then facilitybossMLC can be expanded. By means of the central rework station, the line can continue to run production and, in parallel, damaged units can be deaggregated, samples can be booked in, or the status of units can be queried. Manual aggregation of new units is also possible through an extension module for facilitybossMLC. Thus, parallel to the fully automated process in the line, several damaged units can be aggregated to a new unit.