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Who We Are

facilityboss GmbH is a German software manufacturer based in Darmstadt. facilityboss stands for software quality 'Made in Germany' and has set itself the goal of developing innovative software that meets the highest customer expectations.

Launched as a start-up of the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) Darmstadt, facilityboss GmbH has developed into a fully independent company. facilityboss GmbH is 100% self-financed and thus has no venture capital.

Our focus
The advancement of Track'n'Trace software for machines and productions
Our goal
Long-term and enduring business relationships with customers, equipment manufacturers and mechanical engineering partners


facilityboss works closely with competent partners in the camera, printer and mechanical engineering industries to achieve these goals.

Member of the OPEN-SCS Working Group since 2017.

"Open-SCS" stands for "Open Serialization Communication Standard" and is concerned with the standardization of interfaces to simplify data exchange between the different levels (e.g. line/machine to site server).
This is in line with our goal to constantly improve the compatibility and interoperability of our software with various higher-level systems.

  • Simplified communication between different systems
  • Fewer adjustments to be made to various protocols.
  • Strengthens the connection of a diverse machine environment
  • Reduces costs for maintenance and integration of machinery