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facilitybossVRT (Virtual Testing)

facilitybossVRT (Virtual) is facilityboss' solution for effectively testing and qualifying your modules without disrupting production.

Testing and qualification requires time in production, material and other resources. This usually does not happen without manual intervention and extensive manipulation of data. Test batches for creating production data for the purpose of connecting to a new state hub and customized features for machines, for example, are recurring issues that can cause downtime in production.

facilitybossVRT is a solution for this situation, offering the possibility to generate production data by means of a virtual production process without using products or machines. After successful qualification, the new features can be transferred to the machines in production.

The advantages include:

  • Production downtime is shortened or eliminated.
  • Costs for production material and other resources are reduced.
  • Can be installed on server (remote), laptop or desktop PC.
  • Handling is the same as on regular machines.
  • Testing of newly created templates and number ranges.
  • Training for new personnel can easily be done ..:
    • ... without consumption of packing material,
    • ... without production downtime and
    • ... without test batches that clutter up production machines.
  • Testing of new modules or integrations of facilitybossLSS.
  • Testing of new modules such as reporters on the machine.