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pester pac automation - Casepacker

The Casepacker unit from pester pac automation GmbH is equipped with lateral insertion.

After insertion, all bundles are captured by image, the packing size is checked and subsequently inserted into the carton. The facilitybossPLS handles the verification of the codes extracted from the camera image, which is accomplished via an internal communication protocol with the facilitybossMLC.

It is checked whether all units have really been produced, have not been booked out in the meantime and have the correct status for further processing. Once facilitybossPLS has completed the validation, a signal is given to the machine to continue the process. The full carton is then conveyed onward and automatically sealed. A shipper label is printed, checked, dispensed and aggregation is performed.

The entire process is monitored continuously by facilityboss. Each zone transfer in the machine is mapped in the internal virtual model, allowing an accurate error message to the operator and the removal of the specific units affected without the need to empty the entire machine. Possible error causes are the opening of a door on the machine or or errors in a specific zone.


The following features of the machines are supported by the facilityboss software.

The software has an aggregation layer where multiple bundles are inserted into a box and aggregated.

Values, such as camera focus, can be easily set using the HMI.

Rework of created products allows the clearing of elements, de-aggregation and the generation of patterns.

The printer makes it possible to apply different aggregration labels for each order, which also may differ in size.

A camera captures the bundles during the insertion process. Another camera checks the aggregation label.

Handheld scanner
The wireless handheld scanner is used for capturing cartons at the pallet level and for reworking.