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pester pac automation - Palletizer

The Palletizer unit from pester pac automation GmbH is a palletizer with robot placement and 2 positions for a continuous production flow. The shipping cartons are taken from the case packer fully automatically and included in the aggregation process for the pallet. As with the case packer, control is performed via an internal communication protocol with the facilitybossMLC.

It is checked whether the units have really been produced, have not been booked out in the meantime and have the correct status for further processing. Once facilitybossPLS has completed the validation, a signal is given to the machine to continue the process and the shipping carton is placed on the pallet.

When the pallet is full, the packing scheme of the machine is once again compared with the packing scheme of facilitybossPLS so that no discrepancies arise between physically packed goods and the virtual model.

While checking the aggregation, printing/applying the label and manually removing the pallet from the machine, the other slot can be used when the machine is in operation. If both pallets are complete, but the aggregation of the first pallet is not yet finished, the facilitybossPLS stops the printing of the second label to prevent the labels from being mixed up. In the interaction between automated and manual processes, the facilitybossPLS software thus reduces the susceptibility to errors in the production process.


The following features of the machines are supported by the facilityboss software.

The software features an aggregation level in which shipping cartons from the case packer are taken over and aggregated onto pallets fully automatically.

Values, such as camera focus, can be easily set using the HMI.

Rework of created products allows the clearing of elements, de-aggregation and the generation of patterns.

The printer makes it possible to apply different aggregration labels for each order, which also may differ in size.

The code scanners check the properties of the printed codes or capture the carton label for aggregation.

Handheld scanner
The wireless handheld scanner is in use for capturing labels at the pallet level and for rework.

Cameras, scanners and handheld scanners can be shared across different levels and modes. For example, a handheld scanner can be used to capture all cartons on a pallet, the aggregation label of the pallet, and for rework.