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pester pac automation - Bundler

The bundler unit made by pester pac automation GmbH is a full wrapping machine for bundles. It is here that the individual folding boxes are wrapped into bundles.

Before the foil is applied, the folding boxes are captured via camera, their pack size is verified, and already virtually aggregated by facilitybossPLS, since reflections or unreadable codes may occur after the foil is applied due to overlapping foils. Likewise, facilitybossPLS ensures the verification of the codes extracted by camera through an internal communication protocol with facillitybossMLC to check their status.

The bundle label is printed, checked and applied in the subsequent process. The ready bundles can also be buffered manually before the label is printed, e.g. in the event of a jam in the case packer. The order of the bundles is not preconditioned, since a scanner at the end of the machine, only having to recognize a child number, aggregates the virtual bundle with the real label previously printed. This process greatly simplifies the operation and error-proneness of the machine.

Another advantage of virtual bundles is that in the event of an error in the foiling process, they can simply be unpacked and reintroduced into the process. Here, the facilitybossPLS takes over the re-check, including, if necessary, the disintegration and the re-formation of virtual bundles. A selectable extra printer for corner wrap labels can print additional variable information or shipping or logistics details.


The following features of the machines are supported by the facilityboss software.

The software features an aggregation level in which individual folding cartons are foiled into bundles.

Values, such as camera focus, can be easily set using the HMI.

Rework of created products allows the clearing of elements and the generation of patterns.

A printer applies a label over a corner for the purpose of aggregation. Additional data is applied to a top label by another printer.

One camera captures folding cartons to be aggregated before another camera checks the aggregation label. Another camera captures the print data applied to the top label.

The code scanner captures a folding box to identify the virtual bundle through the foil.

Handheld scanner
A wireless handheld scanner is used here for reworking.