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Smart Manual Aggregation Table


The SMAT combines aggregation functionalities across 3 levels on a single manual workstation.

Serialized units can be efficiently aggregated here all the way up to the pallet level. The user is guided through the process by the software, which significantly reduces the potential for errors.

The packing scheme stored in the job specifies the number of units per level that the user has to record and aggregate. It also defines which levels are active. Thus, the SMAT does not always have to aggregate across all 3 levels, but is able to aggregate e.g. "merely" cartons to pallets or folding boxes to cartons.

In a SMAT, a variety of operating modes and features have been combined in a concise solution, allowing a clear representation of complex aggregation processes.


The following features of the machines are supported by the facilityboss software.

The software combines 3 levels of aggregation.

Values such as camera focus can be adjusted simply using the HMI.

Rework of generated elements allows clearing of elements, de-aggregation and generation of patterns.

Multi-device usage
Cameras, scanners, and handheld scanners can be shared across different levels and modes. For example, a hand-held scanner can be used to capture all cartons on the pallet, the aggregation label of the pallet and rework.

Three printers enable you to accommodate different label sizes (one size for each level)


Two cameras capture the units as a whole. The advantage: by bypassing the need to scan each unit separately, the process is simultaneously faster and less prone to errors.

Codescanners check the quality of the printed codes or capture the label for aggregation.


Handheld scanner
The wireless handheld scanner is in use for pallet-level label capture and rework.