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facilitybossMLC - central rework made easy

facilityboss presents the possibility to run manual rework in parallel with automated production using the level 2 product facilitybossMLC. This helps companies to maintain a continuous production process without affecting the schedule of productions.

The ability to compete in a modern company depends on the ability to handle the increasing complexity of production processes. Within the framework of fully or partially automated aggregation and/or serialization, it therefore makes sense to have precautionary measures and monitoring processes in place that allow in-process controls to be carried out in parallel with the actual process, or to intercept disruptive events in an uncomplicated manner. facilitybossMLC acts as a central rework station, so that units that have fallen off the production line might be aggregated or the status of individual units can be queried while the line continues to produce. It is also possible to aggregate several units that have not been produced for any reason into a new unit.

Since facilityboss products are designed with scalability in mind, modules can be replaced, extended and reinserted as needed. This allows us to respond to customer needs and situations without compromising the functionality of other components that are essential to the operation. As facilitybossMLC demonstrates, it is part of the core philosophy of facilityboss, which is reflected in the development structure, that possible sources of errors are not to be understood as a blockade, but merely as a gap that can be closed.

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