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facilitybossLSS (Management)

facilitybossLSS (Line Site Server) is the Level 3 product from facilityboss. The server application manages the site production and provides browser-based access to the production server from all access-authorized terminals of your company.
This open system also supports a wide range of machines from other manufacturers equipped with other software, as well as machines equipped with our product facilitybossPLS. Also with regard to MES, ERP or other company-wide IT systems, facilitybossLSS is designed to be compatible with existing infrastructures.

facilitybossLSS encompasses the following functions for administration:

  • User management (module for LDAP connection available)
  • Permissions and roles (module for LDAP connection available)
  • Areas (company-wide down to the individual machine)
  • Number ranges (pools for e.g. serials, SSCCs, SGTINs, Russian codes, ... )
  • Packing schemes and templates for products
  • Orders (from order management to production and warehouse to shipping)
  • Master data management for customer and product data

In combination with lines/machines which are equipped with facilitybossMLC/facilitybossPLS additional features can be activated. For example, a central audit trail of all lines/machines or a central user/role management can be activated. With the help of these features the users/roles do not have to be created again for all lines/machines but are synchronized instead.

Additional features of facilitybossLSS are:

  • Audit trail of all actions
  • Order monitoring incl. filtering
  • Search function to track units, orders, etc.
  • Obtain and verify serial numbers from higher systems or federal hubs.
  • Submit order reports, including serial numbers, to higher systems or federal hubs
  • Provision and distribution of production orders to lines and machines
  • Editing production orders - changing values, populating serial numbers, extending production orders, creating follow-up orders for an aggregation level, etc.