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REA Promotion

REA Promotion is the software solution branded for REA JET for printing serial numbers, raffle codes or promotion codes, based on facilitybossHSP.

As a software OEM supplier of REA JET, we have worked closely together to develop modules that manage and coordinate the printing of data with REA printers. The print media can be continuous material, sheets or individual packages.

Following features have been implemented in the modules:

  • Management of pools and orders in a single user interface.
  • Data check: When importing the codes, in addition to the standard order-wide check for uniqueness, a pool-wide check for uniqueness can also be performed.
    If you need to ensure that the code must be unique within a product but not within an order, for example, this will be checked directly during import.
  • Sheet control: In the case of sheets, the sheet may be fed in at an angle. It may not be possible to read all print marks and only 10 print processes are triggered instead of 12. In this case, the sheet control will strike and report after a failed plausibility check that not all columns have been printed. Furthermore, a column control number can be printed for manual recognition. Due to errors in rework, e.g. incorrect cutting, entire sheets can be unusable. However, since in most cases a list of all available and not all printed codes has to be delivered, the cut numbers have to be cleared out. But this could be, e.g., 200 per sheet. To simplify this process, sheet control numbers (also as 2D codes) can also be applied in the edge area, which are detected by a scanner and can be logged out as a whole.
  • Cross printing: Cross printing combines several print heads into a group and thus enables the creation of a wider print area when the printing medium moves across the mounted print heads. Up to 4 printheads can be combined into one group.