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REA Numbering

REA Numbering is the software solution branded for REA JET used to print all kinds of numeric counters based on facilitybossHSP.

As OEM supplier of software for REA JET, we have worked closely together to develop modules that manage and coordinate the printing of data with REA printers. The printing medium can be continuous material, sheets or individual packages.

Following features have been implemented in the modules:

  • Printing across different panels/lanes can be virtually aligned or set flush without physically moving the print heads. This is indispensable, especially for narrow webs of n-up printing where the print heads have to be mounted offset for spacial reasons.
  • The counter can be configured individually for each n-up printing unit via the values start, end and increment.
  • "Fade-in" objects, such as print marks, can additionally be included every x times.
  • For continuous material on rolls, special counters can be employed, which can be defined with start, end and gap value. If, for example, a large roll is later cut into smaller rolls, then after the value 1000, for example, some columns cannot be printed. In this case, the large roll will be cut later. The counter starts again after the gap value. The value is configurable, either one continues counting, i.e. 1001, or restarts, i.e. 1.