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Testing and qualifying without downtime using facilitybossVRT

facilitybossVRT (Virtual) allows you to produce without actually producing... How so?

This initially misleading phrasing becomes easily understandable in the right context, because testing and qualifying requires time, material and other resources. facilitybossVRT, on the other hand, enables you to generate production data using a virtual production process without using real products or machines.

Since our focus in development is on end-user usability, we have not failed to notice how much manipulation of data and manual intervention is required to suppress the use of real machines. Particularly when testing aggregations a lot of time is wasted this way, not to mention that skipped process steps are not tested and therefore the overall effort cannot provide an accurate test result anyway.

Our proposed solution is called facilitybossVRT and can generate production data with its virtual production process without using real products or machines. Features can thus be transferred to the machines in production after successful qualification.

  • Production downtimes are shortened or eliminated.
  • Costs for production material and other resources are reduced.
  • Installable on server (remote), laptop or desktop PC.
  • Handling does not differ from regular operation.
  • Ideally suited for staff training.

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